5 Work From Home Outfits

We’ve given you the run down on why getting dressed while working from home can benefit your motivation and overall mood, and now we’re here to give you the best outfits to wear while working from home. Getting ready for work was an important part of our days because it not only set the mood for the entire day, but also allowed us to show our creative sides. While working from home we all want to stay comfy but still look stylish and feel accomplished because we got dressed in the morning. Our top 5 outfits are laidback, yet motivated, and comfortable, yet fashionable.

1. Jeans and a White Tee

Jeans and White T-shirt

The first outfit is a classic for any occasion, so obviously a WFH classic too. Your favorite jeans and a basic white t-shirt is simple, comfortable, and always looks good. It’s perfect for a day where you know you’ll be super busy at work, but you don’t necessarily have a lot of Zoom meetings. You’ll feel accomplished because you put on jeans, and you’ll still be comfortable enough to work from your couch. If you don’t have a fave pair of jeans to match with a white t-shirt we’ve got you covered 😉

2. Wide Leg Trousers and a Sweater

Trousers and Sweater

Another outfit that is easy, yet stylish. Black pants are always thought to be “elegant,” but they’re also so damn comfy! These are the best way to dress up while still feeling good. Combine them with literally any sweater in your closet and voila! It really is that easy to look good and feel good. This outfit can be worn on any day of the week — it’s comfortable enough to work from any spot in your house and presentable enough for your boss to see you on Zoom. 

3. Sweater Dress

Sweater Dress

If you’re looking for comfort beyond a sweatsuit, this is your go to look. We really don’t know if it gets better than a sweater dress. Stay warm, cozy, and comfortable, while looking chic. Dresses are the best because you don’t even have to worry about pants to match!

4. Track Pants, Blazer, and a White Tee 

Track pants, blazer, white t-shirt

This is our go to outfit for our day full of Zoom meetings. Adding a blazer to any outfit brings your outfit from 0 to 100 real quick. You’ll look and feel professional, but the track pants on the bottom maintain the comfortable feel of the look. You can never go wrong with a white t-shirt under any blazer, and once your Zoom meetings are done you can take the blazer off and kick back in your track pants and tee! 

5. T-shirt dress with a Jean Jacket

T-shirt dress and jean jacket

We’ve already said it, and we’ll say it again, dresses. are. the. best. Summer is finally upon us so we’re starting to move our WFH setups outside, and a t-shirt dress is the best outfit for this. T-shirt dresses are loose and breezy, so you don’t overheat and you remain comfortable and relaxed. You can dress up the outfit with your fave denim jacket to add a little something extra to this easy look.

Let us know what your fave WFH outfits are! Don’t forget you can also dress up any of these outfits with accessories. Earrings make every outfit that much better.

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