Flying During The Pandemic

Like most people, I was extremely scared to get on a plane during a global pandemic. Trapped in a box, breathing the same air as every other human, not knowing where they came from or what they’ve been doing prior to coming on this plane, can bring extreme uncertainty when there’s a deadly virus that can be spread so easily going around. But I did it, and I’m here to tell you it’s not as bad as it seems! And professionals are even saying planes may be one of the safest and cleanest places right now.


All airports are different, and all cities have different requirements, but I’m telling you about my one, single, experience.


When I got to the airport, I secured my mask on my face (covering my mouth and my nose of course) and my gloves on my hands and got ready to brave the airport. Nobody was allowed to enter the airport with me, as I was traveling alone. Before approaching the desk to check my bag, I was instructed to sanitize my hands as they took my temperature. I didn’t have a fever and proceeded to check my bag.


After checking my bag, going through security, sitting at my gate, and boarding the plane were pretty normal, other than the emptiness of the airport and the mask on my face.


After we were all seated, the airline was kind enough to provide us with little care packages, which included a water bottle, sanitizer wipes for our seats, an extra mask, and hand sanitizer. I used the wipes for my seat and seatbelt, tray table and tv, buckled my seat and got ready for the flight.


My flight was only 1.5 hours so the mask wasn’t too bad. I opted to not take it off the entire flight to drink any water or eat any snacks just as an added precaution.


I got off the plane, collected my bags, and made it to my destination safe and sound. Wearing a mask isn’t so bad, and you get used to it. Especially if you think abut all of the PPE the healthcare workers wear for much longer hours.

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