Getting a Haircut During The Pandemic

Now that hair salons are back open, I finally got my first haircut during the pandemic and with all the new rules in place. The rules are different in lots of cities, states, and countries, but I’ll let you know how my haircut went down.


Before your appointment, the salon sends a long list of instructions of how to prep for your appointment. Everything from bringing a mask to washing your hair beforehand, not bringing any big purses, food or drinks of your own, and showing up no earlier than 5 minutes before your appointment.


The salon is no longer washing hair, so they recommend showing up to your appointment with freshly washed hair. I washed my hair an hour before the appointment and showed up with my hair damp, almost completely dry from the car ride and the sun on my way to the appointment.


When I arrived, they made me wait at the door until they took my temperature. After they ensured I didn’t have a fever, I had to read and sign a waiver indicating that I have not traveled out of the country in the past two weeks and have not been experiencing any symptoms of the Corona Virus. I then received a disposable smock to wear during my haircut and my future haircuts during this new normal as well.


My hairstylist was alone in the room and we were both wearing masks. The rest of the cutting process was quite normal. He blowdried my remaining wet hair, cut off all of the quarantine growth, and quickly styled it with a curler.


When I was done, I paid at the counter, separated by plexiglass between me and the receptionist. Overall, I felt quite comfortable and the new normal wasn’t too bad after all.


Have you gotten your hair cut yet? Let us know about your experience!

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