How to Find a New Apartment During the Pandemic

Some people may think moving during a pandemic is crazy, and others may need a change of scenery to stay sane. If you’re like us (the latter), then you know the difficulty of finding a new place during a stay at home order and a global pandemic. We’ve come up with a few tips to help make this process a bit easier.


If you’re in a different location than where you’re moving, this makes the process a little harder, but don’t fret! Technology makes everything so much easier. First and foremost, ask for a video of the unit. Pictures can be quite deceiving, but a video helps to better visualize the space and gain a better understanding of the actual size. Next, ask for a floorplan with measurements. You can use this floorplan to measure and compare the new place to your current place.


If you’ve taken these initial steps, and you are still interested in the new place, then lucky you! It’s hard to make it this far (if you’re picky like us, at least). Next, it’s probably best to try and see the place in person before making any commitments. If you’re not nearby, ask if a friend or family member who is can go and check it out for you, safely, wearing masks and keeping their distance from the realtor, of course. And if you’re nearby, check it out for yourself.


Before you sign any official documents, try to negotiate the price with the realtor to something you’re most comfortable with. The real estate market in the US isn’t doing so great in these uncertain times, and many people are willing to negotiate. It could actually be a great time to move, after all!


Last but not least, sign those documents and secure your new place! And the best part — decorating! You’ve overcome all of the obstacles of finding a new place during a global pandemic, so kudos to you!


If anyone else has any recommendations we’d love to hear from you!

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