How to Transform Your Look From Day to Night

Sometimes, we may not have time to change our entire outfit after work(ing from home) before a night out. And sometimes, we may just not want to. Whether you’re hitting the town for a girls night out, having a date night with your bae, or having dinner with the fam, we’re here to tell you how to spice up your look and to make it a chic nighttime outfit.


First and foremost, accessorize. It doesn’t matter what you’re wearing, accessories dress up your outfit and take any outfit from a 0 to 100 real quick. Let’s talk jewelry first. Hoops, always. Adding a bigger hoop to your outfit ensures that everyone knows you mean business. Hoops literally make every outfit better. Next, depending on the outfit, you can also add a necklace or two to elevate the outfit even further. This is especially beneficial for a low neck top.


The bag you partner with your outfit also says a lot about the occasion. Throw the work bag to the side, and choose a smaller, more elegant bag instead. Because really, what more do you need than your keys, wallet, lipgloss, and phone? Shoulder bags are everything right now and are the perfect nighttime bag for all outfits.


Pair that shoulder bag with your hoops and the perfect shoes and you’ve got your go-to night look. The shoes are entirely dependent on the outfit (and the weather), but take off whatever shoes you were wearing during the day and switch them up to something sexier. Anything from a sandal to a boot or a heel makes the outfit top notch.


That’s all you’ve gotta do! It’s all about the accessories, and you don’t have to change one item of clothing. We promise this works for every outfit and almost every occasion and it’s just that easy!

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