Re-entering the Outside World

Have non-essential businesses started opening back up? Are your friends gathering in larger groups than before? Are people being more relaxed about the spread of COVID-19? While the answer may be yes to all of these questions, this doesn’t mean you have to.


The anxiety of the COVID-19 pandemic has had different impacts on everyone and you can’t compare yourself to others. It’s okay to feel anxious about re-entering the real world and doing what your peers seem to be doing so easily.


We’ve been locked up in our homes with no-one except our families and our screens for 3 months, and it’s okay to be hesitant to re-enter the outside world. Putting on a pair of jeans for the first time since March can be scary, and you’re not alone.


As the numbers of COVID-19 cases continue to rise in the US, it is important to remain vigilant when leaving your home. Just because places are open again, doesn’t mean everything is going back to normal. Wear. Your. Mask.


If you’re feeling anxious about re-entering the outside world and having social interactions with people other than your family, start slow. Put on a pair of jeans to wear around the house for a day and get comfy in your old clothes. Do your makeup differently for a Zoom call to remind you of the days when you used to dress up. Gather with 1 or 2 friends rather than a large group. Get takeout from a restaurant and eat it in a park rather than on a patio.


Don’t feel pressured to do what your friends are doing. Do what makes you comfortable and happy and make sure you’re staying safe! There’s lots of time to get back out there.

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