What You Need to Binge on Netflix RN

If quarantining has given you more time to scroll aimlessly through Netflix or if you want to unwind after a long day of working from home, we have compiled our go to Netflix shows for you to watch right now. Look no further, you no longer have to decide what to watch because we have given you a variety of options. From docuseries, to reality TV, comedy, and educational series, we broke down our top picks rn, telling you why we love them, and why you should too.


Dear White People

Not only is this show timely and educational, but also it’s so. damn. good. The show follows a group of Black students at a predominantly white Ivy League university. The show highlights the racism these students face and teaches us about injustices still present in today’s society in a funny and relatable manner.


Lennox Hill 

Lennox Hill is a docuseries that follows the lives of doctors and patients at this New York City hospital. It gives us the real look into a hospital, from the bloody surgeries to the romance behind the scenes. This show demonstrates just how much these doctors really do and how hard they work to help individuals everyday.


Next in Fashion

Think America’s Next Top Model but for the fashion designers rather than the models. Next in Fashion is a reality show that is a competition for fashion designers. Each episode, hosts Tan France and Alexa Chung, present the designers with a theme that they have to create looks for and present in an upcoming runway show. You get the behind the scenes look at how designers work under pressure and how fashion comes to life.


Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich

Everyone’s heard of Jeffrey Epstein, but how much of the details do you really know? This 4 episode docuseries will keep your jaw-dropped throughout the entire series as you discover the details about this true story. It is quite incredible to get the first-hand stories from some of the survivors in order to truly understand the horrors of the situation.


The Office

A classic but an all time favorite. If you haven’t seen The Office, stop what you’re doing right now and go put it on. The Office is a lighter show than most of the ones we’ve mentioned here, guaranteed to make you laugh and brighten your day. Even if you have seen The Office before, you should probably rewatch it because the limit of rewatching it does not exist.

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